Expressing My Inner Goat / Climbing Mount Katahdin

Expressing My Inner Goat / Climbing Mount Katahdin

Climbing up the giant boulders was my favorite part of the hike. Walking’s a bit ‘been there, done that’.

We hiked up the Cathedral trail- the Cathedrals being giant chunks of rock (the mountain looking thing in the picture) that were sliced in squares like a giant cheese curd before it’s made into mozzarella (or like cake, for you non-cheese-obsessed people).

The whole way up I was thinking “oh man, I can’t wait to climb this again but starting in Georgia! (the beginning of the Appalachian Trail, of which Mount Katahdin is the northern terminus)” Most of the way down, I’m thinking “When will this end?!”

Things not to believe about Mount Katahdin, no matter how much certain young hot-shots insist otherwise:

1. “You don’t need that much water”

2. “The way down is easier”

3. “I forgot my backpack but two people can totally carry enough supplies for four people”

I would totally do it again, though!


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